Cold Water

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

So, I love you both. What now? Burn me at the stake? Ghost me? Crucify me? Put weights around my ankle and toss me in the sea?

So, I’m affected by the triangulation – the bizarre love triangle – The great Bermuda triangulation.

You both turn me into an animal. You bring out my fangs and my claws. Kitty wants to play.

Kitty wants to scratch and bite.

So you get me all riled up to play and now you’re not available?

I guess we’ll just sweep your devotion under the rug like it never happened?

I should just delete every fucking voicemail?

You didn’t actually need me?

That’s not what I heard at all.

But good luck with your new proposition, y’all aren’t going to get along at all.

I’m literally your dream girl but whatever.

Oh now you don’t think we have chemistry?

Like, I was fine being emotionally unavailable and just like the sex object.


I’m just trying to figure out what my role is now because I actually liked you.

Oh, I’m just the useless sex object again?

I now serve you no purpose?

From worship to worthless?

For a leaf blower? M’kay… 🙄


My feelings never changed but I’m aware that yours did.

10 responses to “Cold Water”

  1. I should start following her husband and supporting him LOL LOL I REALLY SHOULD.

    I see you not liking anything they do together either lol lol have fun hun

    Liked by 1 person

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