Code Words

Is there a secret code written
Maybe in the stars hidden?
That connects you and I?

Are there garbled words which turn a prism?
Into harvest worlds that keep us smitten?
The way your verbs connect my heart and mind

Are there paths we’ve taken still unwritten?
The way my will to you is freely given
Under cross or reign, no clearer vision
I am hung to you like holy linen

Was it God himself who became a villain?
Touching toes in hell, loving all a sinner?
I am called a whore, you’d give me your dinner?
The lesson here, I think love’s a winner?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I don’t know if I said what I was trying to say or not? It’s a messy morning freestyle. The message became more important than the rhyme.

Jesus loved a sinner best (as I love you) – if I recall correctly, he made some “whore” his equal (but the illuminati removed her from history and I’ve been trying to get ahold of her script so I could read what she had to say) .

“Let’s reinvent gods all the myths of the ages“

Stone me, love me, I’m yours. Free will.

I can handle whatever you give me.

I would die for you.

2 words we should just avoid: hello and goodbye?

Is hello so hard because of all the things I’ve done?

Would you deny me 3 times? In public? My name?

The kiss of betrayal?

Would you sell me out for money?

No, I don’t believe you or I would, but I believe that bitch you were formally with, you know the one with the red hair that I still can’t fucking stand, yeah that one, that one would definitely fucking deny you three times for money…

Even tho she acts like your number 1 stalker, I mean fan.

I still own that title per my confession on TikTok 👀

So whatcha gonna do, crucify me cuz I love you? You already do, DAILY with the ghosting.

*waves white flag*

Surrender/ not your enemy 👣👣👣❤️👣👣👣

(I’m not her enemy either and she needs to learn how to play with others in the playground and stop being a bully. I haven’t been to her blog in a thousand fucking years. I made my apologies publicly and privately and have made my peace with my errors a long time ago.) And nothing I ever did to her justifies her trying to sabotage and take down my business.

Not to mention she was 1000% not following WordPress policy. Was I wrong to leave hateful comments on her blog? Yes. I’m a child, we know this. 👀

Erroneously reporting my content on Instagram and getting it removed out of spite and jealousy, is again, fucking wrong and illegal. Instagram continues to put it back because I am following TOS policy.

She has found a way to manipulate the system because she’s a two-faced bitch.

I know it is her or someone working for her and you’re not gonna convince me otherwise.

Every trail leads to her.

Except your new book, thank fucking god. I have seen the light.

Psycho fucking bitch

Oh sorry, still thinking out loud… 👀

I mean, it’s only been like 48 hours since she tried to take my account down again, so all is fair in the game of love and war???


Checkmate? 👀

Matching tides. I adore you. 😍

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