To the world a punisher
Made of iron, “the resister”
But he needed more from her
Maybe love as his governor
He has the key to enter
It would end all winter

I feel the motion
Of time
And you
Flowing like an ocean

The air is toxic
And care
It just isn’t there

I’m slipping
Detachment from feeling
Or maybe why I’m reeling

I hear
The words, the lines
They’re still not appealing

The tears
They just never end
And written text
He won’t ever send

I’ll make dying an art as he slipped the blade from earth’s heart 💔

The continents may be fractured but now they have a chance to part

Is the Great Filter in our rearview?

What if we are a chance encounter?

Are you an interstellar comet?
Fixed beneath promise
Drifting between done it?

Glowing pink hues
Maybe it’s just vomit? 🤔
God’s sick of promise?

1900 miles from ordinary
1900 truths from where I’m cold and buried
Underneath the shroud
Burden is all we carried

I’d jab out my eye with this broken crystal ball

I’d rip across the flesh but I don’t have the gall

It seems I know most, or, I don’t know at all

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

You deserve to be with somebody who isn’t already half- dead. Save yourself.

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