Buying nuts (boundaries)

I don’t know why buying nuts has to be so complicated but it’s really hard to find the ones that aren’t roasted or coated in something that isn’t poisonous but I do have a pound of cashews to get me through the month

Nutty for nuts (please plant me a private nut farm)

I’m a Flexitarian

I’m eating meat cuz I’m dying and need the boost

I don’t need an excuse πŸ‘€

Deep down in my bone I’m Native American and we eat meat

My grandmother once told me stories how she would wring the chickens necks with her bare hands for supper

Now I can pay a small delivery fee to get someone to bring me some boneless skinless chicken because I’m spoiled

If you can place an order properly

You know you love learning from my mistakes and watching me suffer

There are certain animals I will never eat nor have ever touched

Yes I can be picky

There are certain fruits and vegetables I won’t touch either

Deal with it


I love you (but need certain foods)

(I produce eggs)

Granted, I do need/want/demand a vegetarian diet more than a meat

I don’t want to eat meat three times a day or every day

People all up in my plate when they don’t even have healthy sexual habits

Most of the meat I’ve had lately has been canned tuna or chicken

I do hate how the animals are being treated

I hate so much about the world

And I am a completely inexperienced hunter/gatherer

I’ve barely been fishing and what few times I did go and what fish caught I released

I only eat white fish

I won’t eat shelled seafood and whatnot

I’m picky


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