He risked it all for that if
He risked it all for her kiss
He risked it all at that cliff
He risked it all and did not miss

He did not miss…

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m sorry they left out details on an updated map not showing risk or location where 2 others had been stuck – and took hours to rescue

I’m sorry that management thought it best to remove features on a map – instead of blocking off entrance and stating instead that anyone with common sense would know “dusty” means “don’t go” “not well traveled” (victim blaming)

I’m sorry you thought you were somewhere you weren’t

And that the dangers and risks weren’t disclosed

“Why did you put me here…?”

Could you imagine if my last mission was a suicidal attempt to come get your bones

Last we saw of her was outside the cave location of John Jones, we think she went inside….

200 years later: bones of John Jones found in mysterious location with the remains of missing….

What’s even stranger is the position they were found in….

*cue the fairytales the establishment dish out as fact*

And thus a new religion was born

Hail whoever the fuck I become in the future

I mean, I do wanna go get his bones tho

*leaves suicide note near dug up entrance / and a black backpack*


*doesn’t die*

*turns 44*

I was screaming for John recently tho – silently from my soul

He came up and was like, “you’re screaming like I’m in Utah..”

Cuz he haz jokes 😌

P.S. if you don’t know who or what I’m talking about, only the greatest tragedy in my living history. An angel was crucified upside down by a demon – who later received a bonus and likely a promotion for “heroic efforts”.

I want to throw up 🤢

His body was left there with over 100 rescue personnel on the clock.

Our tax dollars hard at work.

His bones are still in that cave and one day I’m gonna go get em’…

He hates that fucking cave…

There are things that had happened down there that Michael Leavitt says “will never be disclosed” and I’m gonna make him disclose them…

The patience and the craft of a warrior gone rogue

30 years time

This ain’t Minority Report

Although a kid did get arrested for making a threat during a video game

My PS4 has been factory reset and is in the STUFF TO BE SOLD AT THE PAWN box

The content is propaganda and subliminal messaging

I’m trying to get through to you

Espionage everywhere

But what do you see

Also – PayPal has listed someone as a contact who once donated to me anonymously

I found out about the anonymous donor – or rather who it was – about six months or so later – in an end-of-the-year PayPal statement

Fucking fantastic

The goddamn glitches in this timeline

The anomalies

And now Instagram tells people “followed by so-in-so”

There is no privacy here

My TV hasn’t been turned on in weeks

I wanna turn into one of them vets who live in the country with their own radio coms

Telephone? We ain’t got one of them here. You gotta drive into town…

I made it to 44, thanks to John Jones

I don’t know if I’m gonna get out alive, but he’s down here with me

And those electrical jolts to my heart was him repairing the damage big pharma caused when I injected myself twice with that deadly poison

I was barely alive, hanging on by a thread

I’m spitting less in a cup but I’m still spitting in a cup

I keep hearing people say they’re catching Covid and I can’t catch Covid, my immune system has been compromised from the death jab and heart inflammation and people are now dropping dead by that adult death syndrome which I’m at risk of

I need to be quarantined

I need to be that girl in a bubble

I wanted to have photos for you today

But then that 7 day treatment is taxing on the liver, this detox I’m doing – coupled with me starting my period with the full moon like clock work

I’m spent…

But I made it to 44!!!!

I’ve lived 43 years!!!

Now it ain’t easy

My sister died in January at age 45

She didn’t make it to 46

And I’ve been saying since I was a little kid that I wouldn’t live past 50 so I have that weighing on me

I’ve been saying since I was about 12 years old that Leo’s have heart and feet problems so I predicted my own fucking death

I’m paying better attention to the red flags now I hope

And when I feel myself falling into a violent dark rage – I’m gonna paint my nails instead and play dress up or ride my bike or bake a delicious meal

That’s the intention anyway

I’m still in intensive therapy and putting in the work…

I’m starting this new detox regime soon

And then probably the liver cleanse

And some of the other formulas he has

Vegetarian too from what I’ve seen

It’s less expensive than dying or treatments from Big Pharma which nearly all include toxic poisons – yellow/red/blue dyes

These nurses and doctors don’t give a fuck about you

They think the NDA they made you sign trumps their oath


Take revenge in the courtroom and not on the street (or self-destruct)

Stay woke

P.S.S. America is a corporation where its occupants are owned by communistic China – who holds hands with the Russian mafia – who is the Illuminati – and keeps you distracted with porn, religion, politics, Hollywood, propaganda and subliminal messaging

TikTok says I’m a threat

Instagram says I’m a threat

You better know it

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