Dropping this here

So glad I’m replacing the oversized boy t-shirts with cute crop tops and thangs

I’m muting it tho because I don’t need to be sued by the algorithm – in some distant future – thank you Metallica- greedy fucks

Gotta go back to street teaming like in the old days

Before the millennials were born and before there were cell phones or computers handy


Can’t opt out

Gotta flee the city

The Devil he everywhere in everything

Society has been around so long and narcissism has spread everywhere

I’m trying not to self-destruct or get thrown into a rubber room

Detox detox detox

I’m on dose 2 today

2 large doses in

I don’t fuck around 🤨

I’m fighting hard to get better, to not leap from a bridge, for the potential possibility to find a partner

The hubby will produce the feel good hormones

Find your tribe and nurture the fuck outta it

Everything is going extinct

Be careful with adrenaline spikes to your heart

It’s okay to stop for 30 seconds – drink water – get back on

But my first day back rebounding caused me to have consistent chest pain for two days that didn’t go away so I couldn’t do anything

After a 2.5 mile walk, I puked 3 hours later when my body was having difficulty regulating temperature

I felt like that family who died in the valley recently, dog, baby and all

The sun was barreling on me, not much shade

I’d find a tree, rest a couple minutes, drink water, and trek a bit further

I barely made it home

And at one point I almost got kidnapped by a guy who got out of his truck with completely blacked out windows and opened up the passenger back side door

He watched me for ten minutes head both ways

I was prepared to remove his head with my blade

I was fucking dying with a heart complication (and this was recently by the way) but I had to put my water away so I could have both hands free – you know – just in case he made his move


And unfortunately, I’ve almost been run over twice on the bike rides… 

The beach was getting crazy with tourist and “no vehicles” unless “4×4” because of “soft sand”

I’m not paying that expensive parking

America is a fucking scam

The yuppie shops are selling rotten eggs and milk

That one’s gonna have my asshole tore up for a minute

I did get a small rebound session in – I avoided the high ab jumps this time – kept it to simple bouncing (still resistance training but less adrenaline spikes)

The Army trained me as a medic to run for miles from the enemy

And I did do a full 4 years active overseas

I’m still running from the Devil and I got a strong little heart

It’s still fighting for its life so I’m making it some vegan soup soon

It demands…

The heart gets what the heart wants 💪

It’s magical stew – big and chunky – heart healing

Got the red cabbage too and rainbow carrots and tomatoes (noms)

One stove top, 1 pot, is all you need (to anyone still eating pizza from a box)

(You can buy electric stove tops or ask a family member if you can have their extra one they use on the holidays)

They come as 1 or 2 (I’d get the 2)

It’s probably cheaper than turning on the big stove top)

I’m downsizing soon

Need a mini oven too

I don’t own a microwave nor use them

But I would like a small toaster oven and a crockpot

I don’t know if I can use my indoor grill anymore because I think it’s made out of that stuff that’s bad for you

I cook the stew in a glass pot

And make my breads and cakes and loaves in glass…

I’m going to start sharing more of my cooking process with you even though I don’t have a fancy kitchen but my rent keeps going up but all the appliances are old

But I don’t use measuring cups, I cook the way my grandmother taught, a pinch of this and a pinch of that…

A bigger pinch


Now do it again… 🎃

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