Principalities and Powers

Demonic forces never stopped running through human affairs. We just stopped seeing them.
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People like killing dogs and cats too. Facing my own issues with an animal; I find end-of-life services to be inhumane and Hitler regime.

Many just give up, shelter’s are full – animals will be sacrificed.

I’m not making this up. They are eager to take that money too.

One humane society charges more for you to “go back”. A significant amount more.

I’m autistic, “what do you mean “go back” and she explained – “to watch – to be with them” – “that cost more”.

And, an additional cost if you want a “box or urn”.

He’s had 3 end of life appointments made – one with his primary veterinarian, two with the humane society.

I called eventually a third time and stated, “I won’t be able to do this by appointment, I’m having a hard time letting go”

Because – I researched the chemical used to stop their heart – their bodies jerking around.

When someone ODs they go out peacefully and you can call it humane, but I disagree that End Of Life Services are anywhere but “humane” when their bodies are literally jerking around.

My grandmother let her dog “die naturally”.

Anyhoo – I’m against abortion and apparently against manmade animals from a lab getting sacrificed to the dark entity

My dog has a strong heartbeat and will to live. He may be a hellhound – but he’s my hellhound for “better or for worse”.

He may qualify for end-of-life services, and that may be the “easier” path for me – but it requires ending a life, stopping a heart. I do not comply.

And I’m so fucking depressed and suicidal that I would rather jump off a fucking bridge than figure out what to do with my dog, which means I’ve quit weed so that I can figure out what to do with my fucking dog because apparently this new age weed complicates PTSD (hear, hear) and causes suicidal ideation

Also, these drugs folks are doing, probably have code written in them, that’s why they see “the same thing”. 

Autistic doesn’t mean “dumb”.

Gullible sure. I know that they use art and cartoons to imprint on us.

NASA is extreme religiousness – they “the physicist” now are pushing “dark worlds” with “dark suns” and “dark planets” – made of “dark matter”.

It’s one extreme to the next – from walking on water to miracle pregnancies – to “dark worlds”.

They serve a dark entity.

Can I please have a tech free zone? Tech free state? 

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