Yellow Fever (poetry)

I’m not Asian. I’m not a 10. I’m over 29. I’m God’s orphan.

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

They bleach their skin. Cuz Black Lives Matter. And according to the census, White lives don’t. FACTS

Asia number one

And I would’ve probably believed in the whole biblical bullshit had they not tried to convince me about some magical woman getting pregnant without any cum or some dude walking on water and now they want me to believe in dark matter, dark suns, dark worlds, dark planets – I mean you’re fucking delusional and I believe in death.

Narcissism is a plague

Those in “control” are nihilists

Man comes from vagina

Woman does not come from rib of man but vagina


The first Bible can be traced back to Asia

“Made in China” – that’s what every Bible should say – not just the version cuz it’s been rewritten to serve Satan a million times

The Good Book with “words of Christ in red” should have never been rewritten. Period. Red flags. It’s conditioning.

And I knew it was all about control when I was just age 5.

I hated the cold atmosphere of school – and the misinformation taught

I even asked my mother, “who is in charge of what they teach us”

She is possessed by the Devil

She swears it is me…


It was a terrible toxic environment

The folks need dying and dead

Gutted in the fucking street

Maybe then I’d get some sleep…

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