Do you ever read something and feel like it's written just for you?


I don't know how to stop loving him or whoever he is

In The Ever

Be tender with my will (Dedicated to CAP)


I can't stop my love for him or his rhyme

What It Takes

She's part lightning and part thunder

His Laughter

His laughter is spectacular...

Cognitive Dissonance

Who will save the sane?


You are priceless and the only thing I want

Bad Feathers

Pulling a feather is like feeling a leather whip across my back. I falter. I repent. I love.

Writings On My Wall

Stuffs. Micropoetry mostly. Writings I hadn't intended to share. Trashy treasures.


You know I don't do this for the likes, right? I keep my blog advert free too. "See the safety from the life you have built, everything where it belongs" (it's a NIN song and worth a listen or ten).


"Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name, hello I love you let me jump in your game"


OMFG freshly wrote this AM for you. A poem + convo + lesson


I needs any and all. GIVEMAH


A poem about triangulation. There'd be zero issues if they were "just friends". But they're not, and he doesn't love her but she's got her hooks in him anyway fully knowing she's keeping him from TRUE LOVE or any real chance of HAPPINESS

Queen of the Knight

Checkmate, please. A Queen who loves her Knight.

Truth Comes Hard

Truth makes noise (early morning ramble + snap)


Poem about love and devotion, the greatest subject of all. 😚


He makes me high. FACT.


If we can't see it, we can feel it. If we see it, it changes us. We don't change it but it changes us.

Emotional Cargo

We are all carrying such heavy loads. A poem about that.

Gold Rush

Words with rhythm & rhyme about devotion

Off Radar

A micropoem about the effects people have on us

Made of Steel

A poem about how hard we make life for one another.