Tides & Gravity (Two for Tuesday)

I’ve been around the world
18 hour flights or more
I’ve lived inside of war
I’ve even been the whore

I’ve been a carnivore
Feasting on metaphor
With an oath I swore
And one I won’t ignore

Lost on shore
With knees on floor
I’m at his door
A beggar poor

Knocking evermore
Without valour
Not like before
Heartache at core

Meltdowns in four
With more in store
For you to abhor
All for what I adore

© Delia Ross. 2020

You break me. Only to put me back together and then break me again. And then together. Like the tide pulling. Every wave shaping me. Over and under, your tug and pull. I can’t escape your gravity. Tidal locked. Sometimes your waves are gentle and other times your undertow holds me down. Like the gravity of my mistakes. And your punishments are a tsunami. Drowning and then washed safely ashore. I ache for you in places I didn’t know existed.

When you return
So too the tide
And the color in my eye
When you are by

The way I churn
When you are near
The stars appear
My life’s not drear

Each wave a yearn
An endless shore
Where I want more
You the seashore

I want to earn
Your every surge
You give me urge
The deepest merge

© Delia Ross. 2020

My god when you rise, rise you do. The way you swell, swallow me.

I’m on a social media detox
In case you hadn’t noticed

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