So I write a bit of poetry
Do you think that makes you know me?
Or from what I drop in my story
You’re an expert at the knowing

So you think that I’m messed up
Or that you have a better cup
You scream “now” and watch me jump
Then disappear after I get hurt

You think you know me all so well
Because I let you see my hell
You think you know what rings my bell
Or if I smile I’m feeling well

You think you have me figured out
Or what to do to make me shout
That I’m unholy or too devout
Or that you made me take this route

You think I’m warm when I am cold
Or it’s the only story told
You think it wrong when I am bold
You pay with lies instead of gold

You think I’m high when I am crying
You think I live while I am dying
You think my love is undermining
Or that I’m never really trying

You think I’m strong when I am weak
I’ve got it all so you think
I don’t deserve what I seek
And you hear words I never speak

© Delia Ross. 2019

Spoken word of this coming soon…

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  1. I loved the poem dear poet. I am writing a new story now. You shall like. First chapter done. I love your poetry and your name. A story of mystery and wonder. The poem is true. Few want to see our real face. We could be demon or angel??

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