In The Ever

Be tender with my will
Craters have formed from the impact of your words
They crush and pulverize
How deep do my crevices go?
Their corridors are dark
And fill with regolith
I tremble with aftershocks
As your words settle into the cold
My bones hold worries unknown
My smooth surface eroding from longing
I’d let you hide in my depths
Come and go with the shadows
See how the light races around my hole
It falls into aches and covers the night with hope
I am longing to find you there
Your words move quicker than light-speed
I am hollow, penetrate me
Watch how the dust settles
There’s a glimmer of destiny there
We belong together
Like orbits decaying
Feel the pull
Shake me
The more you resist, the harder I tug
Had you not found me when you did
My darkness might have perished forever
You sheltered me from death
By breaking me apart
And then you assembled me into fragments and shards of fate
And now I must find myself
Aching is need of life
More pieces
Of you
You’ve fallen everywhere
Our dust glitters
I am everywhere you look now
Finally together
Ice rings form around my shell
A promise ring of forever
Or a chastity belt of no escape
Trapped in the eternal
I was waiting here in the dark yet still I was found
Bound, now in the ever
Look at your creations
Beautiful disasters
Wait here awhile
Cover me in your eternity

© Delia Ross. 2020

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