Words Like Bullets

Words fire like bullets

Emergency Lights

Are you out there? I still need you.


He uses so many girls to replace the one that ever really mattered. I was gullible enough to fall into his traps. But the world he creates isn't real. He's a monster.

Winter Blues

Tis the season

A Visit From Lu Part 7

A Visit From Lu Part 7!!!


I might be his druidess but he is stubborn to his own demise


Cast not the first stone... (super late night freestyle remorse/regret)


Tick-tock (a 10 second story)

Exiled (Again)

Fun fact: I have been referred to as "a cub" cuz I never look my age (forever young). The poem suggests I never act my age either and I would concur...


Her beauty is misunderstood but not by me.

A Visit From Lu Part 4

A Visit From Lu Part 4


Is there anyone real out there?


Like a fucking yoyo we are but if I wanted a fag, I could pop down to the store...

Moving On

Found my courage. It was missing like your love.


He loves us, he loves us not


Written of and dedicated to my muse, Alex Eb!


I'll take the middle of try; that's where you are.

The Trouble With Forever

Commitment issues are his running shoes

A Visit From Lu Part 3

A Visit From Lu Part 3 (new poetry series)

Beginnings in Endings

When hope is a rainbow, where love is a window (I love him my whole soul)


If only I could stop loving you...

A Visit From Lu Part 2

A Visit From Lu Part 2



Mirage 2.0

I love being just a number to the artist who inspire me....

Writings On My Wall

Stuffs. Micropoetry mostly. Writings I hadn't intended to share. Trashy treasures.


I put up with alot of bullshite


Just a little poem about ego


Simply a sweet micro-rhyme.

50 Word Short Story Poetry

A short story / 50 word poem *Possible trigger warning*

Loss For Words

Unrequited love chapter 666