Turnpike (poetry)

Pop up artist in Oklahoma
Has no damn diploma
Divorced him in a coma
But darling she’s a cold one

Unreal omens
Roaming like the Romans
My blood is spoken
One spell never broken
Couldn’t love them both then?

We’re nearly dressed alike
Turn down the turnpike
Let’s go for a hike
Heard from hope tonight

Maybe it was harder than I thought it would be

He likes my tiny –
My tiny tiny heart
Nicknamed sunshiny
His counterpart

The big girls keep yelling that I’m small / I fear he can’t see me at all

Like a volcano about to erupt
I’m running amuck
Let me be abrupt
This government is corrupt!

Everything he writes
Is about him me you us
Combined in a trust
Locked without fuss

To put her mind at ease, he lied
With spear in side
Not Judascide
Cat caught the mouse
Lie tied to mouth
Not big the trap

Are you burning down cities?
Running from the guilty?
Like a modern viking gypsy?
Do you fancy life more risky?
Got a shot a whiskey?

AWOL / never ordered you to leave

I’m 1600 miles away from hope
No room for boat
Get your telescope
Walking a tightrope

Has karma grabbed your foot?
Think you’re off the hook?
Think steps I mistook?
Ban me like a crook?

I’m a fucking primate
Gotta lot on my plate

You make life misery
You take all liberty

I clean but make a bigger mess / to God I confess

It’s like he’s observing a galaxy from 4 billion years ago –
The girl he used to know
Does he see how much I’ve grown?

Adventure is more reliable than happiness
Said once a therapist?

You’re a deceitful mess
I learned from the best

Dear Necromancer,
Nothing is not the answer
Let God be the anchor
And Earth, don’t forget to thank her

The nervous thumb twitch
Like broke then too rich
Got called a dumb bitch
Might wind up in a ditch

Your new life will cost you your old one
Just waiting for the dog to be done

There’s something super familiar about all these incidents
Just can’t place my feather on it

He works in 12 hour shifts
Might hear from him
In a dozen years

Could you mumble in monotone some more / you’re a zombie chewing on my bored

I wonder where you are on my follower list
Someone I’ll surely miss?
Connection with a twist?
Or maybe you don’t exist?

Got knocked down
Lost my place
Scattered humility
Eclipsed across my face
Nearly lost my soul
Now taking second place

He doesn’t understand
I don’t have love for him
I don’t have love for much
I don’t have love for them

He comes on like rain
Smell of petrichor
Bet I love it more

I know you think I’m boring
Map me like you’re exploring
Tell you stories that got you snoring
I know who you’re ignoring

He’s so bizarre
Drive fast in my car
Foot on the throttle
He thinks I’m odd

We are distributed across billions of light years of space
That’s the love it takes
That’s why our heart aches
Unlimited weight
We’re at infinities gate
Heaven will not wait

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal. All rights reserved.

Got my asshole tore up on TikTok today. A few violations.

FYI: you ain’t that good at thinking (poem coming soon) (maybe)

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