Dearly belated
Oh Most Hated
Got me jaded
Nearly persuaded
But sun hasn’t faded

He’s the Epic of Gilgamesh
Death is irrelevant
Lessons from a demigod –
Speaks a bunch of gibberish!

Dear Elite
Think life’s complete
With hand I’ll greet
Meet me in the street?

Do you think God plays favorites?
Paradise for the angel?
Won’t give me nothing I can’t handle?

Cold water sinks / depression leaks

Nothing is more expensive than a cheap boat
Unless you’re out of hope
Better pray for rope
Here’s your footnote

Now you’re just somebody that I want to know

I promise –
I won’t make any promises
I’m too damn ominous
Like doubting Thomas
But my tongue is honest

I’m investing in bullets and freshwater
Dream of killing father
Knelt down by altar
Gold coins for slaughter
At knee they foster
Silver and laughter
It’s land I’m after
For ash to scatter
And sin for answer
God is still my master

I don’t know my own father’s face / I don’t know his fate / or should I really hate

What I am
Computer programs
Happy Birthday rams
Still sticking around
Like dripping clouds
I’m in a drought
The thick of doubts
It’s double this shroud
It’s double this shroud
I’m looking out
Twice as loud

Neurons could be pixels on my desktop
You build walls I can eavesdrop
You build ramps I can skate across
You know I won’t ever stop

The blueprints are in another dimension
God will never mention 🙂
Not that you’re listening
Unused attention
Forward inching

Mark Chapter 11:

Jesus cursed a fig tree
Love thy neighbor
Unless it’s not producing fruit
Then cut it loose
Bloodletting (but he could’ve waited until morning) (when the sun was burning)

(The fruit doesn’t form at night / you get what I am learning)

Dear Man of Sin
Oh Lawless One
Repent for what you’ve done
Oh Rotten One

Dear Beast from Sea
Dreaming of me
Doctrine of Demons
Too blind to see

Fallen angel of technology
You ain’t fooling me
I’m sacred geometry
True anomaly

Stats in real time
But always delayed
The algorithm favors
Those who paid

Do not worship false idols

Thank you for the magnificent midnight moon
The verdict you impugn
Farewell written on ballon
Drinking gold from a teaspoon
Lack of despair come June

He’s the universe
Divided by zero
A nice guy
But not a hero

Money won’t buy happiness
But I’ll be better dressed
I’m kinda feeling ravenous
Like the earth’s my catalyst
I knew you couldn’t handle it

What forest have you been foraging
Like my prayers that you’re forwarding
Like the sun you get me flourishing
I’m yelling but you’re ignoring

Like a weeping willow
Guilt silken
And gripping like the end
Bed ridden
And evil are children

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal. All rights reserved.

Squirrel happily greeting me and loves his treats I bring.

Tell God I’m probably to blame if Squirrel fattens up too much.

Tell God I want to build a squirrel playground and bird paradise and frog pond and little things like that

An actual mini rainbow bridge crossing over a pet cemetery

A fire-pit and lessons

Like basic human skills?

I don’t like the concrete jungle

You’ve got to stop chopping Florida down…

I don’t like much that man lays claim to

The art, the history, the music, gay and lame.

I want to hear Pretty Bird sing

The toads annoying me all night

Man stole my life and I want nothing to do with his pet projects

I can’t stand using a phone or app

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