Mandatory Social Distancing

Sending love (I think) during this mandatory social distancing

An Invitation To Love

Confusion front-and-center but love is the answer...

Paper Cuts

Wake me when you're ready



“Please Come Lie Next To Me”

Hallows Eve + APOP + Fangs = Dancing on my Insta


*all the feels*


He is a man of steel that I burn for


I can't fly away because he clipped my wings and now taunts me like I am prey

Poetic Ramblings For The One

Friday afternoon freestyle freeform πŸ™‚ + a few added snaps because it's my birthday weekend!!! πŸ˜ƒ

Through To You

Is there a special niche needed to get through to you? How much time should one have to pursue? You threw down the gauntlets and then you withdrew You said you'd be back but it's clear that we're through I could wait long hours and it's something you knew Feeling something real has been long … Continue reading Through To You