Poetic Ramblings For The One

Shall I pass the wound to forgiveness
Shall I trust the universal oracle
What of the nest in my soul where your love is my law
Where I suffer for you and I fall
Have you ever loved me at all?
Should I exit the stage of treason
Where she robs me of desire
Where I see the smoke still rising
From the breast of her fire

Are you a mirage of love in a desert of loneliness?
Where I thirst forevermore
I still march along the madness
Of the trail of a whore
Echoes of happiness flash like lightning
Blinding yet spellbinding
And I dream of your shore
Where I wait in an ethereal forever
And I’m always hoping for more

My heart cradles the words for me that you write
It feels like a bandage covering the night
It feels like your hug holding me tight
A breath on my soul saying all is alright
Your lips on my spirit giving me might

In a fever I rush to you like a drug
But in truth you needn’t say a word
I’d love you in silence with only a hug
Your eyes to me they are the world

My road for you is only honey
I wish I were younger and that is my worry
But like an aging forest I offer you mercy
Shelter and warmth and tongues which are loving
I nurture this thirst because I know you are worthy
Even though your doubts keep both eyes blurry

No spells are needed to find my love
Reach out to fate cuz it fits like a glove
And punishments can be reserved for just fun πŸ™‚
Trust me darling, I am the one
I’m not a deck of cards or just another turn

No fancy tricks needed not even a curse
The longer you wait the more that it hurts
I love you for better or for worse
My love is an ocean you better immerse

I’m available as a friend anytime that you want
The balls in your court, please use it not to haunt


Β© Delia Ross. 2019

My birthday is in 3 days!! (August 19th). I am a Leo, a fire sign!! My truelove shall also be a FIRE SIGN! I’d bet my life on it! πŸ™‚

If he is out there or listening (are you out there or listening?) you should say hello. Start with the basics you know. πŸ™‚
Be fearless with me. Freedom. Everything will be okay. But you gotta say hello. “Say something, anything and watch the weather change…”

Messy hair, chilling on the couch me… waiting on my birthday so I can get fat on cupcakes!! πŸ™‚

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