I found his sadness then I made a home
I saw his sadness and it felt like my own
I found a place where it seemed I belong
I took his darkness and gave him a dawn

I shook the foundation where he wasn’t growing
It’s possible that he hates me for knowing
I gave him love and it keeps on flowing
I gave him gardens where life wasn’t showing

I saw his eyes and then I saw the light
Hidden underneath the fear of his night
Given away to the prayers I recite
To give him hope with each word that I write

I saw his shame and then extended my hand
I reached for miracles where it wasn’t my land
I extended patience where it failed to expand
He gives me meaning that I don’t understand

I’m just a girl who made his sadness my own
Now I fear I’ve been left all alone
I roam his lands of the infinite unknown
I’d fly away but my wings have been sewn

© Delia Ross. 2019

Just a girl who can’t find love in any land or any man

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