A Love Letter To Myself

Baby girl
Let it go
Let all the doubt
Sink down
To the bottom
And drown
Where all your tears
Have settled and been found
Pearls and diamonds at the bottom of the sea
All the traumas in your life that you don’t need
Baby girl
Rise your head up
Get above
His half-empty cup
When you smile the stars glisten
When you laugh they all will listen
The Moon now full and ready for kissing
How the Sun warms you when it has risen
The Earth solid to keep you from tripping
The wind dances for you to clear your vision
Baby girl you have got to fly
You’ve got to fight just not to die
To turn the cries into a lullaby
To still have love even after goodbye
Jupiter nurtures every single sigh
Look how he shines for you in the sky
You can remember it all if you try
You were not made for cages or shoes
Or to be handcuffed at the edges of truth
You are not broken it’s only a bruise
And though aging you are the angel of youth
Baby girl you can’t remove their eyes
Or their tongues or their lies
You can’t give them a rainbow in clear skies
Baby girl I know how hard you try
Always alone without an ally
Put the blades away
They cost more than you weigh
On your fears they prey
Hate will cause a heart to decay
Baby girl you do matter
Even when you stagger
The noise you hear is only chatter
End the book, close the chapter
Cross your arms and squeeze tighter
Now again and again and again
Now pick up a page and a pen
Love is coming you just don’t know when
I know how bad it hurts to be denied a friend
Even a comet will race towards the Sun to end
Because in the light is where you transcend
But in the dark is where you entertain
Searching for life and instead collecting pain
Your head buried not seeing the horizon
Your voice silent instead of roaring like a lion
You are enough so keep trying
You are enough
You are

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