A Letter To My Future Lover

We were born inside fires
I know your deepest desires

I know how you are wired
I know your hands are tired

I’ll take whatever you give me
Please though less misery

The bumpy waves were temporary
Side effects of an angel in a hurry

For when I chose to see I saw it all
But honey you are worth the fall

When my thoughts are with you
It feels like deja vu

It’s not just my soul that aches
It’s not just my heart with earthquakes

Every single fiber of my existence
Wants to cover you in radiance

And though you found me running wild
Like an angel whose been exiled

For you, I am a loyal and tame creature
And your touch will ease my fever

Our orbits in a gentle pull
Your kiss warming me like wool

I’ll give you peace until my death
And love you with my very last breath

(I love you forever and ever and ever til death do us part and then even after I’m gone, you’ll feel my afterglow of love wrapping your soul. I belong to you).

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