A Visit From Lu Part 5

You will hear me say “fell” but I was chosen for this
The wings on my back come with selfless service
Many call me a hero while acting a servant
I look at hell like it is just a big circus

Fitting in was never for me
I never felt whole completely
I observe with eyes like something is missing
I try to behave while the world acts beastly

I paint white over my wings
I count the hands that take a swing
I pull the wool over my king
I don’t want him to see such things

I try and smile without showing my teeth
I don’t know why people are surprised to find what’s underneath
I rub the doubt which make my wings feel like concrete
And then I look for a direction I can retreat

I remember the day Lu and I first met
It is a night I never will forget
Back then, I had a different mindset
And he will not leave until I settle my debt

Lu has always been there watching over me
Darkening the souls of everyone I need
The lust of humanity is filled with so much greed
I cross a tight rope and darkness I will bleed

I know hell like the back of my hand
I run the same halls of the land that you stand
Some halls go deeper than you can
Some things you aren’t meant to understand

To be continued!?!

© Delia Ross. 2019

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What, a seventh stanza? This series is out of control! This is what happens when children are allowed to be in charge of things…

Right, so I realized I needed to introduce the characters, our angel here is a warrior who tries to blend in with society but utterly fails. She’s not meant to, but she tries. She’s an outcast who sometimes forgets her worth…

Is there anyone here still with me reading this series!?!

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I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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  1. Other weird WordPress glitches too, like saying I’m not following someone in the feed when I thought I was until I hit follow which actually makes me unfollow them… 🤔


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