A Visit From Lu

I guess you could say we are acquainted
We had similar falls, our wings are tainted
But now I am older and my sins have faded
And though it’s been decades, Lu has gladly waited

He knows I don’t like him coming around these quiet parts
But that doesn’t stop Lu from having a heart-to-heart
He may own the land but I have the right to depart
But the places I am going, may require some charts

He never knocks, he just enters the room
And my temperament goes from glad to gloom
The air gets colder as it’s filled with doom
I turn away and mumble, “I don’t wanna talk with you”

Lu takes a seat and starts whistling, “What I’m about to tell you might be chilling”
As I was headed to the door proudly not listening,
Lu started hissing

My step slowed and nearly faltered
From the snake gripping down under
And now the moment felt awkward
As I wondered this time what Lu offered

The thing we had most in common was our grin
Which is odd, given that, it should be sin
But when it comes to purity, I’m the best that’s ever been
And I heard him hissing “favorite” with the moonlight shining in (he’s at it again)…

To be continued…!?!

© Delia Ross. 2019

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