A Visit From Lu Part 6

Father of Lies, Angel of Light, Crooked Serpent, Prince of Darkness, Satan, but you can call me Luci;
Now that you are getting to know me.
Antichrist, Beelzebub, Wicked One, there are so many,
Little Horn, King of Babylon, (I can go on), Abaddon, the Devil, the Most Unclean-
Whatever my name, there is another three.

Yet with all these names, so many will not believe
I am a carrier of light, shifting like transparency
The world is full of doubt, a goal I did achieve
It is mostly certain now, I am here to deceive

Temptation is the game, what is it that you envy?
Write out the list, I know the need
Your soul and bones, are full of greed
A buffet of sins, like gluttony

What is it that has you eyed?
How do you sleep at night while your tongue is tied?
Underneath the mask, there is so much pride,
Every word you speak, I know when you lied.

Centuries of fury, casting out your wrath
The demons are many, you haven’t done the math
If you think hell is empty, why did you choose this path?
If you think your hands are clean, from here I see a bloodbath

A sloth rampant with a taste for lust
How easy you pick them out with tongues of trust
And damnation covers your soul in a thick, wicked crust
I watch the irony rush over like a face that is flushed

To be continued!?!

© Delia Ross. 2019

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A character drawing of Lu, I managed to squeeze in many of the names he goes by, the definition of Lu, as well as the seven deadly sins. Hope you enjoyed…

P.S. I never call Lu by his full name, I don’t know if you have ever picked up on that.

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