I have glimpses of a life I’ve never known
There’s stitches in my heart where he has sewn
There’s wishes leaking out of every bone
There’s pieces of me in him I call home

There’s fences keeping eyes where they belong
There’s chances never learning right or wrong
And dances never settling in song
Circumstances keeping everyone withdrawn

© Delia Ross. 2020

So I did a little recording thingy of Glimpses:

For the record, all my poems are new. I bleed poetry.

My subconscious or other worldy being is creating memories of a life with him that never existed because it can’t bear to live any part without him, and the regret is carving deeper rivers than I care to run. Love is love. But why is he scared of it? He’s just too selfish to part with his ways and he’s got a sex addiction he needs to get a grasp on. I mean God damn if Trent Reznor can be kinky and loyal why can’t there be other dudes!?! He’s the only guy I’ve ever asked to marry me by the way (Reznor that is) and it’s in the Nine Inch Nails archives somewhere and Trent Reznor did not say no and he answered my music questions too. That’s actually a nice real memory as opposed to the fake memories my brain is having to create because it loves a dude that won’t have anything to do with me…

I asked Trent Reznor to marry me, LOL I love me so much… that was back when he had an actual fanclub and he was active in the NIN message boards. You had to be in the club to get there. And when he did way with fanclubs, he made us permanent members (kinda of). I haven’t logged in, in a minute, I need to get over there. And to another gig. I’ve had stage every time, but have never officially met Trent. He’s on like kid number 5 now!?! She is popping out them babies god bless her, lucky bitch… Anyhoo, I’m totally gaga for the dude this poem is about, he knows who he is. Hi. I love you still. You know I’m your favorite love. Masks won’t hide fate. Or you from me. Sorry, not sorry. “I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here…”

What do you think an angels tear is worth? I’ve cried a million for him…

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4 thoughts on “Glimpses

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  1. Love your writing!! Especially, loved your comment at the end “For the record, all my poems are new. I bleed poetry.” Spoken like a true poet!! Actually, I look at poems as children heading off into the world on their own!!
    Beautiful writing, My Dear!!

    Liked by 1 person

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