Reign went #1 on my TikTok in under 24 hours! 😍

Reign went #1 on my TikTok! 😍

My Original Spoken Word /Poetry Reel has gone viral with over 1K plays in under 24 hours! 😍

My poetry reel is going viral! 1K views in under 24 hours!

Endless Love

Do you guys meditate? This is the equivalent of me sitting in a circle with stone and giving us a journey to travel on… Freshly written this morning, freestyle. It was meant to be a non-rhyme but oh well, a bit seeped out. I hope you like!!!

Things of Note by PoeEternal

Bits of pieces here & there. Thoughts. Ideas. Microwords. I feel like watching you smile is one of the most beautiful things I can witness in life. If you can’t have it, dream about it. Fantasize. Talk to yourself. Loneliness is a state, not a being. Be one with it. Love. Even when you can’t.Continue reading “Things of Note by PoeEternal”

Traces of places by PoeEternal

Sometimes come around now & then It’s hard to forget all the places that I’ve been I’d rather face the crowd than live a life of pretends Living an honest life are the roads few transcends And we both know those aren’t the type of parties he attends There’s plenty evil in the world forContinue reading “Traces of places by PoeEternal”