Babbler Dabbler

Notice how narcissist push for things right away.

Whatever happened to friendships being earned? Trust being earned?

Things happening naturally?

But no, they do wanna rush into everything right away.

Like getting to know me better


Why was he so offended by me needing my space and privacy, even tho he tossed the word “respect” around. Why was he attacking “all white women” and how he doesn’t want to “date them” if he was only wanting a friendship from me. It’s fucking creepy.

Why is the blogging community so fucking quiet about this racist fucking incident? Had I been racist towards Chris, it would have been a way different outcome. 👎👎

Lu doesn’t even want them!!! Lu fled hell a long time ago *laughs*

He says the narcissist have “ruined everything”.

Apophis is coming.

Mortals. They’re just completely incapable of self-reflection or growth.

These days I worry more about the trees and the animals.

Apop is going to wipe out all life on Earth.

The only thing that matters is NOW.

It occurred to me that I could live through the 60s.. Of 2060 that is, when Apophis is suppose to make her 2nd flyby – and this is the one scientists are now worried about but this isn’t the first time Apop has been close to us, she’s visited visited us before, but she’s getting closer every time.

There used to be these big ass dinosaurs that roamed the Earth. It does my mind in.

But I believe the new theories about the dinosaurs, about how they actually drowned in the Great Flood and they were feathered like chickens and turkeys are today. According to the scientists who had correctly dated the age of the Earth and they’re now finding DNA on dinosaurs, so there’s no way that DNA is that old, according to them.

Oh, and now they’re starting to track our DNA all the way back to Adam and Eve. I’m doing one of them DNA tests soon. My grandmother always told me I was German and Native American Indian. But humanity did not just come from Africa…

Anyhoo just some babble.

Check out (with an open mind and ear) “Is Genesis History” and “Thrive”. Thrive is a bit older, but it talks about everything from Aliens to Angels, so you really got to go in with an open mind but the ending of it blew my mind, whereas the ending of ‘Is Genesis History’ was kind of ridiculous. Both worthy of watching. I own Genesis. Have watched it several times. You can probably find ‘Thrive’ on YouTube. Make sure you watch a decent quality. It was HD when it came out.

The creepiest thing I’ve ever done is slid into someone’s DM with a cryptic, romantic, gothy, secret confessional poem because I thought I might die and actually wanted him to have it. Not my best move. Scared the poor boy back from the hell from which he came. And I’m still writing poems for him.

He’s the only thing that makes me feel alive.

*slams coffin shut*

2 things I probably really loathe is someone sliding into my DM instantly wanting to get to know me or drilling me with a hundred questions about my fucking life.


Not one motherfuker stood up for me over this racist fucking attack and it was bullshit that he shared our private fucking conversation in his Instagram story.

Fuck you. You’re what’s wrong in this fucking world, you racist piece of shit.

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