Centuries – Original Spoken Word

All these centuries it was you I craved
Hiking mountains of longing while your name I praised
All these fallen ruins are bits of you I’ve saved
Every foot in darkness steps for you I braved

Pulling part the ocean that’s the depths I paved
Fusion in my core for the light that’s phased
Trust in only love cuz that’s my heart you grazed
Want to spend eternity with our souls engraved

Centuries by PoeEternal

Originally published on my Patreon campaign. Gonna be making some changes to that tier because I want more of my spoken word to be heard.

I tried new recording techniques by recording 2 separate vocal tracks with this spoken word piece. I wanted it to feel like ‘centuries‘ had passed between the two vocals, so I recorded the poem using both high and low pitch tones (along with the ship creaking as time slowly passes). It was definitely a bit tricky to pull off! 

I have a heart of gold and I will always love you. And long for you. My love…

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