Inspiration 101 / John 15:18

I inspired someone to start fitness rebounding!! 😊❤️😊

When the stones are being hurled on my back, I’ve started looking back.

And then I would take each one of those stones and place it up on my mantle, for the world to see.

Look? My cheek has been slapped! If I had cause, I would have then given you my other cheek.

“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.”

It hates you because you tell it that you are not of this world.

Still, my arms are outstretched, are they not, for the whole world to see?

But this time, it wasn’t a stone. It was hand, lifting me right off my ass.

And this time it came from an actual WOMAN.

I do not get a lot of encouragement at all from women in my life. In fact, it’s generally the opposite.

I get a lot of women who watch me and complain about me at the dinner table’s to their husbands.

I get a lot of women who yell “slut” at me at the gas station.

I get a lot of men who yell “whore” to me (when they’re not trying to kidnap me off the street).

I’m not brown enough. Plastic enough. Fake enough. Thick enough.


So why do you keep watching every move I make?

If I’m everything you can’t fucking stand?

You wanna crucify me?

“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.”

I don’t share with you every stone hurled my way.

And sometimes you can see me falling down with my cross because it’s so fucking heavy.

But someone has just given me some water in the form of encouragement.

It seems, I have inspired someone to start rebounding for fitness!

They just started!!

They’ve been watching my fitness journey on Instagram, because I recently started sharing it a couple months ago.

Including the dreaded “ass” photos. But people are starting to see how my ass has shaped up, firmed up, and became rounder (and it’s not even where I want it to be yet).

And I do get a lot of strangers online, mostly in the form of a male, who complain about my body.

When I’m not getting requests for free nudes or to sell them nudes. 👀

Or being called an unfit whore.

Or when they go from worshiping me to giving me the silent treatment. 🙄

You don’t live in my world.

They all hate me.

Well, not entirely all. I have a few cheerleaders still it seems.

She was telling me how her energy drives were low and I tried explaining to them to just keep going- and to stop comparing your body to how it was- or to other bodies.

And that must’ve been the nail-on-head.

When they said they would get around to it “tomorrow” I thought they were joking.

But she actually picked up a fitness rebounder and has started rebounding!!

You only need 10 minutes a day!

But it is extremely tough and with my challenging illnesses and disabilities, I still have not made it to 10 minutes a day, but I do try to get at least 3 to 4 days a week in! Sometimes though I don’t even get that in but it’s all part of my fitness journey and I’ve been sharing it all on my Instagram.

I post most of that stuff in my stories.

It’s nice to know that my words are being heard.

I’m not going to lie to you, I can’t stand cardio and I can’t stand running and I’m not even allowed to do it anymore because of my physical conditions.

I pushed myself hard-core the 15 years I served in the Army.

My body and mind is broke.

And I’ve had to find something to do aside from walking or biking that will really push me without damaging or further complicating my disabilities.

Rebounding is that.

A rebounder.

A fitness trampoline.

I have a Gold’s Gym rebounder that I bought online.

It said it requires two people to put it together but I got it put together by myself in four hours (I have a learning disability and it required a three hour break and mental breakdown and then I was able to read the directions clearly and finish the steps).

There are days I can’t get on it at all.

But now that I can get through two minutes without feeling like I’m gonna keel over and die, I’m actually getting ready to add weight to my legs and arms.

So I have inspired a follower to start rebounding!! 😍

I have inspired them to just keep going and to stop comparing their bodies to other people or to their own bodies before they became disabled or aged!

To just KEEP GOING!!

And take those rest days when you need!

Listen to YOUR body. Not what other people are telling you to put into your body! Pay attention to what foods make you feel good and energetic and eat more healthy foods and less fatty foods which actually block the happy receptors in your brain!

Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about yourself and start following accounts that make you feel good about yourself!!

Spiral out, keep going!!!

Don’t fucking die alone in your bed!!!

Oh wait, thinking out loud again. 👣👣

Thank you to everyone out there inspiring me in a positive and beautiful way and I’m glad that I am inspiring you too and honestly it’s what keeps me going!!!

I’ll start sharing more of my fitness journey, too! I wanted to start sharing it on my blog, so maybe I will. But I post most of my jumping videos and stuff on my Instagram stories and on occasion, on my Instagram feed.

Instagram is becoming such a drag though, a lot of my content is bow being blocked because of my music.

More censorship hurdles.

1984 is now.

Art is becoming illegal.

Copy of a copy of a copy is now what is normal.

Don’t retreat.

Unfollow those accounts that are making you feel bad about yourself.

Find your tribe and nurture the fuck out of it.

I’m still nurturing my tribe even though they want to give me the silent treatment.



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