SITREP: COVID Pandemic + vaccinations

They are now pushing COVID vaccinations for all VETS (here) and with limited supply.

(So I got part 1 of a 2 shot vaccination series for COVID. I’m still recovering. I’ll get into all the details below but first… just wanna start from the beginning)…

Got hit by a freight train the night after I had a visit by the Holy Ghost

48 hours later or something and I am still recovering.

From a first time experience for something I will always cherish- to getting part 1 of 2 of the COVID vaccine- my fucking body went into overdrive and my BP dropped really low.

I was in an incredible amount of pain- but the thing that happened to me the night before, left me in a dreamlike trance.

I heard from him the next night- and was like- “sorry my energy levels are so low” – not knowing that my heart was actually having a hard time pumping blood throughout my body- my temperature had dropped- my skin was cold- my blood pressure was really low.

I went back to the doc today to get my EKG (a heart test), which I passed.

My blood pressure was also taken again today, I still feel extremely weak, but my BP has increased to a normal level.

My BP yesterday on 3/31 and today on 4/1. Yesterday my BP was extremely low- the doc wanted me to get an EKG while I was there, but I just wanted to go home. Everything at the VA takes 10 years to get done. I had the nurse write down my numbers today because I can never remember shit due to my brain injury.

His visit wrapped me in a protective bubble, I just know it.

His visit had me sedated- which kept me from getting in my head and having any sort of anxiety over how my body was feeling. I honestly don’t think my heart could’ve handled a fucking anxiety attack.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t even sleep. Literally moaning and tossing all night, uncomfortably. “Sore” she said. This wasn’t “sore”, this was a fucking softball that hit my arm.

If I would have died, it would have been okay tho.

I was so calm that I could feel space and time. Because of his visit.

I was dying but it didn’t matter. I was content. Minus the freight train hitting my arm. Like ow.

My heart had expanded with the entire universe. Maybe that’s why it had such a hard time pumping blood throughout my body. I was temporarily suspended between heaven and earth because of him. Maybe he’s the reason I’m still alive.

All I know is I’m having to go through this alone during a pandemic and somehow he made me feel less alone. Unknowingly. I call these things fate. Maybe even mercy. Fate and mercy.

It’s complicated.

He’s got more power over me than he knows.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, followed by a really scary one, which was actually affecting my body (and still is as I feel it coursing through me) but all I could do is just lay there and be like, “eh, sorry my energy levels are low“. 🤢

Babe, it is my blood pressure.

I’m stretched from here to infinity.

I love you.

My preferred method of dying would be while making love to you.

In years past I always thought this to be selfish, given that my partner would be destroyed. But maybe some time alone with me would be OK. 👀

I am very sexually deprived but dying while having sex has always been my number 1 preferred way to die, in fact, it’s either immortality or death by sex.

Babe, fuck me to death.

Or, love me to death?

Even when I have low energy or low blood pressure.

Babe, now!

I don’t know who or what came to me but you must be reading this, you must be reading this right now, you know who you are, I love you. 💕

And I think on your visit, as a miracle.

I want to get the date tattooed on me.

Just don’t want to forget since I can’t seem to remember.

Did it mean anything to you?

Now I’m scared of me around you. It’s just a phase, it will pass. I can only process two things right now and that’s Covid and love.

I’m only scared because I’m inexperienced.

I was studying how to be softer not harder.

I’ve had to be so tough and hard all my life.

Here’s what I know about the vaccines, there are two going around: The Johnson and Johnson vaccine and the Moderna vaccine.

Moderna is a 2 part series and is 94% effective against the COVID virus. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is 80% effective.

No vaccine is 0% effective against COVID.

Everybody will experience different side effects but I’m not going to gaslight you and tell you that my arm got “sore”, no, it felt like a motherfucking softball hit it and I couldn’t sleep all night and my BP fucking dropped the next day.

I still have one more shot to go and I’m told this one is really bad, people will start catching the fever, the chills, the diarrhea, and all the other nasty side effects, so I will keep you updated on my experience.

So far for me, the pain in my arm has been it. I already suffer from underlying health issues, which is one of the reasons I’m getting the vaccine.

I will shit my pants if it means I will get some peace of mind from this pandemic and if it means that I can travel again in the future and enter buildings AND because I now have a vaccination card- like I said- eventually they’re going to get all the stragglers by making it mandatory.

You need to ask yourself do you want to get the vaccine while they’re offering it to you or when they’re enforcing it? (I can already hear the skinheads lol)

It doesn’t really matter if you want it or not anymore. It will be made mandatory and you can mark my words. Vaccination record or no entry! Checkmate goes to the NWO.

Placing a bet. 100 dollar bill says they make vaccinations mandatory (for public access like schools, hospitals, transport, you get my drift!?!) Who wants to bet against me that they don’t? I got you a bill if I’m wrong.

I didn’t hesitate to get dose 1 when I saw they were offering it to the vets but I had my reservations…

Asking questions to the right people
We were taken to a special area to be “briefed” about the vaccinations. The government doesn’t do anything without a mile long paper trail. And per usual, Soldiers are on the frontlines. If you’re sitting there feeling like we are “entitled”, vets make up a huge portion of the population that make you feel safe in your homes. Civilians should be next in line for the vaccines. Unless you want to be the guinea pigs and go first? I’d be totally fine sitting in my fox hole with an M-16 watching y’all orgy fuck each other for it. Let me adjust my scope.
The VA is always packed and understaffed, I just don’t like to take pictures of folks…
Moderna is 94% effective against the COVID virus and issued in a two part dosage series. I was told that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is 1 dose and 80% effective. No vaccine is 0% effective, FYI.
I’m still a soldier with my boots in the trenches and yes I still get a paycheck by Uncle Sam. If I’m entitled to it it’s because I worked for it. Hard. But there are still people out there who tell me I don’t deserve my pension.
Knowledge is power. Reduces fear. You’re welcome.

Please know that how the VA does things may not be the way things are done for civilians.

You may not have to go through a briefing before getting vaccinated.

Dose 1 of the Moderna COVID vaccine. Injected into the muscle. Have now had others agreeing with me that it feels like being hit by a baseball bat or “punched” in the arm. They also agreed they could not get comfortable enough to sleep. This was for dose 1.
Another universal sign I was on the right path- we’re all matching.
Gloves. Needle. Shirt. Same color.
90 degrees, into the muscle. I used to give vaccinations all the time working as a combat medic and medical specialist in the Army. First to fight. HOOAH
And just think, round 2 may include the shits. 👀

Selfless service is part of the soldiers creed.

Didn’t spend my entire life in a fox hole fighting to protect you just to come home so I could cough on you and potentially kill you. Also, tired of fearing the individual coughing with their mask down touching my fucking shoulder. Like woah, personal space + social distancing- keep fucking back 6 feet! But now that there is mandatory social distancing, nobody respects personal space anymore. I haven’t even had a hug since 2019 and I don’t do good around people currently.

I’m ready to get back to life. Gigging. Travel. My OnlyFans photography will improve, just based on the fact that it won’t be in this fucking dreadful house anymore.

These fucking walls.

These fucking masks.

I read an article on CNN where the native American Indians were begging everyone to get the vaccinations, saying that the Indians are being wiped out by COVID and they understand the fears, and it was a turning point in my decision making- that- and the fact that they are now offering the vaccinations to veterans (at least here and in limited supply). I’m scheduled for part 2 of this vaccination series, which I have to get in about three weeks (this month).

I’m so tired I don’t even know what’s going on anymore aside from the fact that I was at the VA again today having my blood pressure rechecked and getting my EKG, which I passed. I have a sensitive heart. I’m sorry. Petite. 😔

Facts about death resulted from the vaccine per the CDC – just to ease your mind.

For more information, please visit the CDC:

Well the chances of me dying by receiving the vaccine are low but the chances of me dying by contracting Covid are very very high because I have underlying health issues and I’m not taking the chance.

I’m definitely terrified and not looking forward to round 2 in a few weeks but it is a necessary evil at this point and my peace of mind is already so much better.

I’m just a “runt” but overall it wasn’t that bad!


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