You entered me like the Holy Ghost
Took my tongue, love you the most

You left my heart in sacred prayer
I can’t see but know you’re there

You filled my hope with the holy trinity
I am Eden, come plant your seeds

*The copyright of all content on my blog belongs to me and if you plagiarize or steal from me I will hunt you down and rip your fucking eyes and throat out*

He didn’t crucify me. He baptized me! 😍

Faith is my middle name. Facts! 🤪

I know I’m not a sex goddess but you make me see the world anew.

Have you ever been with an angel before?

When my analytical brain starts playing around with my fractured broken brain, the who and the what become distorted, and I feel the tug of Sagittarius A* – but if I stay in the light, the why allows the galaxies to continue forming.


It’s just free will.

Could you imagine if in the night we looked up in the sky and there was nothing but blackness and how fucking scary it would really be BUT we’re not of this world and we are not alone.

It’s clear to see.

(I know the more primal side of your brain has been activated and mostly in use all for all of its life – because you are a slave Neo).

I am Trinity

Knock knock

(I’m that program inside the Matrix doing what it’s not supposed to be doing (that’s why big bro keeps fucking punishing me, shadowbanning me, and silencing me, but no one will believe me).

So I created a new account with posts up and I had followers and I was following people and then I would use certain keywords or hashtags and my profile would be blocked, you wouldn’t be able to find it when you searched for it…

1984 is now, I’m trying to reach you.

But the iron Berlin Walls are up everywhere.

At some point Covid vaccinations will be mandatory.

Right now they are keeping it in limited supply so that they can create demand for it (like they’re doing with the PS5).

The government creates the panic, ahem, the NWO/Illuminati/1%, then they sweep in with a cure, “you can trust us” (more blankets with chickenpox), I mean GASLIGHTING.

Now they’re fucking with my very DNA and I have to trust that this new rapidly evolving Covid virus, is not going to wipe me out because I entrusted in this new vaccine.

But alas, I am a Soldier, ahem sheeple, still in the trenches, playing my part.

And all my comrades around me are dying by the same illness that I am plagued with and I’m trying not to die on the street like Edgar Allan Poe and I guess what I’ve been trying to say all along is I love you so fucking much…

And there’s an amber alert going off right now because some kid has been kidnapped and just a few weeks ago I was almost kidnapped in broad daylight – this is one of the worst fucking towns I could’ve fucking wound up in and it’s spring break, I don’t wanna leave my fucking walls anyway so you can come- I don’t know – invade my body anytime you want for whatever purposes.

Oh and…

Your name is tattooed in my soul

It’s 8 AM and I’m still feeling aloof and I have to go get my EKG and all I wanna do is stay in the bed. I haven’t had a day to rest since you visited me.

I don’t want to exist in any realm without you.

I know I am not all you need.

Sagittarius A* pulling again

I know I am all that you need (sometimes)

Don’t let me die on the street 😑

Angel just wanna crawl in monster arm unharmed

Angel heart so very tired of fighting world

Monsters under her bed

In her head, out her window, chasing her down sidewalk, Angel say no they won’t listen, Angel say no again and they still won’t go.

Angel say yes and get the silent treatment.

Angel buy new phone and only get 50% of a charger.

Angel goddess of confusion 👀

Angel tired.

Not just in head anymore.

Doctors worried.


The good news is my arm no longer feels like a freight train hit it. 👀

Angel no like pain


(Angel like to give pain)

Angel warrior


Tired warrior

You’re gonna give me an honorable death, aren’t you?

The world has shunned me worthless.

You’re not gonna let me die on the street like Poe?

Are you collecting every stone people throw me?

Are you giving them the stones?

Is somebody impersonating you?

Have I gone mad?

That couldn’t have been just anyone.

Could it?



you you you

Through and through

Doctor: “are you currently sexually active”

Me: “ugh no, I’m never having sex again”

Doctor: “Are you planning to have children in the next 12 months“

Also Me: “yes, absolutely”



I’m ruint 😻

And I want to hear your stories until my very last breath.

I was born and then kicked out of the fucking nest before I could fly, always called a “runt” and unwanted- please don’t let me die on the street worthless and unloved

Please don’t toss me in an unmarked box

(And you’re not alive to put a roof over my head or to bring me the moon every night).

Monster has a safe place to rest in angel arm.

Angel love monster

Jesus died for sins…

Angel would die too…

For you

The rest of the world can fucking burn

Kiss me and tell me stories we’re really living outside this hellish nightmare

Make me believe I’m your favorite again

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