If you touch the summit, you still reached the summit? Right?


*gets back in coffin before the stones come*


If it makes you feel any better somebody has already joined my OF and it looks like they are not sticking around. No hello. No likes. Nadda.

Must be one of them fellows who would fuck me and then break up with me immediately after sex because he doesn’t like my tits.


Anyhoo. Top 34 currently.

Gonna put some more stuff out for the guys who do like my tits.

That way I don’t die on the street like Edgar Allan Poe.

I want a better ending than that.


*back in coffin*


I mean, He didn’t even have to spend a $10 bill on a fucking subscription and I don’t even get one fucking like on my content, not one. 🤬 👎👎

I should boot him immediately.


*rolls eyes

*sucks thumb

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