Booty praise 😍

So that felt good to read, yes it did.

I don’t feel my booty has reached its maximum effectiveness, it is just getting started. 🤪

I’m only a couple months into my rebounding fitness routine – but it’s clearly showing results!


I’m afraid to even mention the word booty on my Instagram because it will just get reported as “harassment”. 👀

Lately, I have seen a flood of women following me, hello and welcomes. 💪

I appreciate the support and feedback so much!

Honestly, it motivates me to keep doing this.

I know I’ve inspired 2 women to start rebounding, perhaps even more I don’t know about.

Or more who would like to get going.

Forget the before pictures! Stop comparing your body to how it was when you were younger – or before becoming disabled if – and stop comparing it to other bodies! Listen to what it wants!

I don’t see my body how other people see my body at all! I probably never will!

But rebounding makes me feel better mentally and my heart doesn’t feel like it’s going to die after 30 seconds of rebounding! It takes time!

Rebounding is resistance training – but I try to associate it with “fun” instead of “exercise”.

I always bounce to a good music playlist! Music + bouncing = weeeeeeee!

But it is a lot of work and commitment!

I miss days! I stumble! I get back up!

You just gotta keep going! Allow your body and mind to rest on the days it needs! Give yourself love and nurturing!

I talk to my body when I feed it now!

Like a plant! I’m giving it positive vibes!

I suffer from depression so none of this comes easy!

Thanks for your follows and support!

It fuels me to keep going and not die on the street!

I wake up every day crying!!!

Every fucking day!!!

Spiral out, keep going!

2 responses to “Booty praise 😍”

  1. Your body is amazingly sexy, you have a gorgeous peach. I feel warm and alive when I see you.major attraction.
    When you feel down think of your fans, your so desirable. Sending hugs love and kisses. Keep on being you. Your shinning so bright. 🌞😎😍😍🥰🥰😘❤️😘❤️💖💖💖

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