He wants space
But then he’s suffocating
Demanding my embrace!
Over hyphenating
To simply be first place

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I love him 🤪

I know what he needs well before he does and long after

Sometimes, he thinks he needs something he doesn’t

Sometimes he’s testing the water to see how his feet respond

But I’m a Queen and secure in my role in his kingdom

I would die without him tho so not that secure

Besides, we have a bond that cannot break

Could…. but he gifted me pizza while I laid dying so he’s kinda stuck with me 👀

I’m his 👀

What’s he gonna do with me 👀

My life is so pathetic that my blog has had 80,000 views 👀

Like, if I do die cuz I’m not recovering and the heart throbs, it’s completely acceptable to bring and eat pizza at my grave (that I don’t yet have)

Pizza instead of flowers m’kay 👀

Make sure you leave a slice for me 👀

I was hoping to be planning for babies instead of funerals but you know

The CDC got me

They got me good

Checkmate to the NWO

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