Your home should be condemned catastrophic condition
Like a monument of trash
Kept in first position

Β© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I think I may be a baby hoarder πŸ‘€

Like why do I have so much stuff πŸ‘€

Dying is fucking hard, I’ve been trying to get my affairs in order πŸ‘€

I always knew I was gonna die from heart troubles πŸ‘€

Told my kid that it’s not actually junk, it’s just all out and about πŸ‘€

My intellectual property is chaos πŸ‘€

That bill may be poetry scribbled πŸ‘€

I do it on toilet paper too πŸ‘€

Paper napkins πŸ‘€

Nothing is junk πŸ‘€

Although I could do with less clothes πŸ‘€

But I don’t actually know how to part with anything πŸ‘€

My kid said it’s because we’re poor and will never get it again πŸ‘€

Psychological and I do place attachments on things πŸ‘€

It’s not a t-shirt with a hole, it’s a memory πŸ‘€

And instead of fixing our hoarding issues, I told them that while it may feel overwhelming, they’d want the stuff. Put it in storage when I die until you can go through it. πŸ‘€

Don’t let anybody in the fam take advantage of your mental state after I die and take the stuff πŸ‘€

So I’ve contributed to their hoarding problem as well πŸ‘€

Albeit, I’m not actually hoarding trash but I haven’t been left alone with my own property, I’d probably have a tunnel dug to hell πŸ‘€

Trespassers shot on sight πŸ‘€

I am the dog πŸ‘€

Might catch me howling under the Moon πŸ‘€

Stood up too fast tonight and started slipping into death πŸ‘€

Shit getting real πŸ‘€

And my heart won’t stop hurting πŸ‘€

K, thanx, goodbye

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