The meaning to life is cake πŸ‘€

Coming back to life potentially πŸ‘€

But not really because I still can’t do anything πŸ‘€

But now I know why πŸ‘€

I gotta get back to the doc and ask the big questions like: “will I need a procedure to get rid of the fluid in my sac, will it go away on its own, what is my life expectancy now, am I going to have an aneurysm any moment, is it gonna go to my brain, can you please get this shit out of my heart, am I going to die prematurely” πŸ‘€

You know, the shit you don’t discuss during a phone call but face to face πŸ‘€

This fluid is like a ticking time bomb and at any moment it could just explode in my fucking heart so I don’t like putting my heart under any kind of stress, it doesn’t want to do anything but eat, sleep, and possibly procreate πŸ‘€

Dying and all I can think about is doing the dirty πŸ‘€

And cake πŸ‘€

Treats and fucking because every day is Halloween πŸ‘€

Or maybe I just never grew up πŸ‘€

Heyyyyy it’s my birthday month

It’d sure be cool to have some birthday cake!!!

And to be honest, I’d like this cake from the Publix bakery πŸ‘€

hmmm buttercream frosting and fresh fruit plus a jelly center πŸŽ‚

It’d be really cool if I didn’t have to make my own box cake this year πŸ‘€

I don’t even know if I had a birthday last year πŸ‘€

This pandemic has been hell

So cake from anywhere would be cool – I’d even be happy with a cake from a box so long as I didn’t have to bake it myself πŸ‘€

That Chantilly cake is really good, I’d almost die eating it πŸ‘€

I don’t have parents or people to give me cake on special events πŸ‘€

Maybe I’m not special πŸ‘€

But I’m still alive and I want cake πŸ‘€


So if you were wondering my birthday is on the 19th

of August

Which is coming soon πŸ€“

I hope I can eat cake before then because this entire month is my birthday as far as I’m concerned πŸ‘€

CAKE – it’s absolutely the meaning to life 😎

And thanks for showing my new Instagram post so much love! It’s already got a bunch of likes and views! I appreciate the love! πŸ’ͺ

I got my heart monitor removed on July 29th (a few days ago) and it will be a few weeks before I get the results back!

I still can’t workout but I am trying to get my bike fixed.

Anybody feel like buying me a bike from Walmart pick up? πŸ‘€

It would not hurt my feelings to get a working bike for my birthday (the cheapest thing they got) πŸ‘€

A bike to ride or cake to eat give me things to live for πŸ‘€

Gotta get my license renewed on my Jeep because taxes are always due on my birthday and I like being legal on the road but why everything expires on my birthday is beyond me and getting plates for 1 year are expensive πŸ‘€

Living in general is expensive so I just hope cake and recreation is nearby πŸ‘€

At least my expensive ass rent is paid but there’s a crack above my head on the ceiling and this is the same material used as that building in Miami πŸ‘€

I also live near the beach, not on the beach but near πŸ‘€

It’s an older building πŸ‘€

There’s a lot of safety features that don’t work like the front gate and the alarm systems are always going off but they just painted the building πŸ‘€

We just had another annual rent increase directly after a tiny COLA adjustment πŸ‘€

The government gave me a tiny pay raise but they took it back in my rent immediately two weeks after with a note on my door about my rent increase πŸ‘€

Like clockwork πŸ‘€

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