Lucky to still be alive (medical update)

So my doctor is out for the week and we’ve just had Labor Day holiday but my doctor had left instructions for my nurse who just called me to let me know that my doctor has ordered me a nebulizer and some sprays and medication’s and I have to go in Friday to pick up the Nebulizer machine with meds

The nurse will teach me how to use the machine and once my doctor gets back I will schedule an appointment to see her and find out more about how my Pulmonary visit went with the test results (a letter from my doc was also just mailed to me by the VA)

That lung test I had to breathe into actually hurt me for several days

I reckon I probably should get my heart stress tests done now if it means the VA will open up more care for me but like the lung test hurt and everybody has already told me that the heart stress test sucks, both of them and I’m ordered to do both of them

But my heart is under so much stress and it hurts already so it’s really hard to get me in for that one ๐Ÿ‘€

When I asked for pain meds, the nurse asked about my ibuprofen and put a refill in

They don’t wanna give me nuthin’ good

Gotta lose an organ or arm or something

Having a major organ like your heart in pain gets ibuprofen or a prescription for your head by the therapist

Go back to sleep little sheeple, there now

Take your gaslighting pills and shut the fuck up

So, I’m glad the state of Florida approves me for medicinal marijuana and I make use of my card (and that bad boy costs money) but the weed is decently priced

I often get 40% off my order

Don’t think I can get through this pandemic without it

Wish the VA would cover some of my prescription costs ๐Ÿ‘€

The edibles work wonders on my mood and pain

I’m dying

Stop fear mongering over a plant

I don’t even drink alcohol… ๐Ÿ‘€

That shit is poison, it causes hair loss, premature aging and graying, and I didn’t make it to 43 drinking that stuff

I also don’t have gray hairs yet despite the fact that I am fucking dying relatively young

Thanks to the Moderna vaccines

Nearly got my mysterious death


Anyway, I love y’all

I am not back to physical activity yet but I have been trying to write more and I have been trying to give y’all original photography with my content and I have been trying to drop more on my OnlyFans campaigns and I’m grateful to have your support!

I’m saving for some land, I want my own land to die on and be buried on, that’s my final fucking dream, thank you for participating!! ๐Ÿฅฐ

I’ll let you know how everything goes Friday when I pick up my medical device and equipment!!

Getting old while young

I’m learning lessons in light-years time

Bought some of this again on my recent trip to the grocery store and my heart seems to like it. Been giving it lots of good treats!!
Good healthy eating for the heart & lung & protein for the booty

I had no idea or any way to prepare for what would come after getting vaccinated!

Welcome to pandemic life!

Thank you for your love! It’s keeping me alive!

I love you! โค๏ธ


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