An Apology For My Apologies

I'm forever sorriezz (no for real, I'm sorry)

What It Takes

She's part lightning and part thunder

The Shape of You

A loving micropoem.


It takes alot of discipline to be a person of quality and worth... being bad comes easy...

Narcissism warning

Tools the narcissist will use


Stay in the light...


Let it go...


Alexander warms my existence

Shots Fired

One shot, one kill. Target practice. Unlimited ammo. Army strong. Wanna dance? Last chance...


Marooned on love island

Destination: Love

Love is where I'm going but it's never where I've been

Dance like nobody’s watching / 119 pounds of sorrow

dancing away my sorrows


Her beauty is misunderstood but not by me.

Over It

A 3 a.m. micropoem of eternal longing

Beginnings in Endings

When hope is a rainbow, where love is a window (I love him my whole soul)

Angel Falls

The trials that make us grow, and the forgiveness that cocoons. Though maybe nothing special, it's one of my favorite writings yet.


There's an entire universe in his gaze which heals my wounds and all...

Seeds of Love

Love starts with ourself but also with each other. We love with the same intensity that we make war. Let's plant more love.


I offer peace and sanctuary to all including those he loves

Last Rites

A poem about love & loss & loving again. Love hurts...

Kintsugi for the Soul

There's always been something about you, that when I look at you, my soul just glitters; Gold energy that seals my wounds and puts me on display, at shops in LA Kintsugi for the soul A broken soul with golden tear trails It must look like a lightning bug on a warm Summer's day Every … Continue reading Kintsugi for the Soul