Thoughts on today

They want more money so they can go play with their cocks in space but I’m not participating in this fucking bullshit anymore

My focus is healing, protection, and land

And obviously waking up as many people as I can

Maybe the yellowjacket is a spirit guide and I need to be more like a yellowjacket

I’m glad I didn’t kill the thing but he sure was hanging out a long time like he was awaiting for his colony to arrive

Or maybe I just passed the vibe check and it wanted a ride through town but I was too chickenshit to hang with an aggressive yellowjacket with revenge right in his sting

And they are known for stinging over and over again and he was staring right at me like, “are we going to go, what are we waiting on, can we go now” but after thoroughly agitating its existence even further, I took my eye away for a second and he was gone (this was at the end after 30 minutes or so)

I spent another five minutes expecting it to crawl out of some space in my vehicle so the anxiety proceeded before I could get back on the road or get my lunch or even attempt to roll down the windows

I was doing 50 miles an hour at one point and that fucker was still hanging onto my windshield πŸ‘€

We made eye contact a lot πŸ‘€

My programming was going haywire

Hands down one of the biggest threats and only a tiny piece of glass separated us

I dared not tell it that it was rude to stare

It seems as soon as I had the idea to maybe knock him away with my windshield wipers or spray, he stopped pruning himself and proceeded to look right at me like, “I dare you, go on, I’m yellow and black, strike me, see what happens”

And I was already wondering what my escape route would be if one showed up inside with my windows rolled up and one outside because they can out run you πŸ‘€

It was a David and goliath moment and I absolutely submitted

I told god that I was sitting this battle out πŸ‘€

I went to church again this morning and I was already having difficulty with the humiliation factor of it all but I did enjoy the donuts and coffee

But then, the colors yellow and black changed the course of my lunch period and even the chemicals in my brain

A bug

But until you have a yellow jacket staring you down for half an hour don’t come at me, I don’t think you can fit these shoes (petite feet)

So apparently the sun isn’t that gigantic in the sky our atmosphere gaslights us the sun is so far away it’s actually a little pin drop in the sky but our atmosphere makes the light bigger πŸ‘€

A pin drop that can fry you in seconds

I’m vampire

I don’t do sun

I love this county though and I love Florida and I want to buy a little piece of land out here

Even though we have a lot of sharks in the water and apparently yellow jackets that get even more aggressive in the fall πŸ‘€

So many threats always coming at me

I was just trying to chill and eat boo

But, the yellowjacket taught me that going back home was a better choice

Sometimes angels need to stay in bed

From one warrior to another

Or maybe queen to queen

I mean it didn’t try to hurt me

Maybe it liked what it saw πŸ‘€

I have that weird effect on everything, like a fucking vampire πŸŽƒ

The great attractor πŸŽƒ

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