Scallions (eating)

I would eat them from the ground growing as a kid

I’ve decided wholeheartedly I’m making mash with scallions and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it

Farm butter. Fresh organic chopped greens. Milk. Sea salt. Peppercorn.

And a bun

My belly is full but I already have dinner plans lined out for tomorrow

Got these bad boys cleaned up and ready for anything

5 thoughts on “Scallions (eating)

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  1. Plant them! I love the white bulbs too! Can toss them in a pot of soup! Or fry em in the skillet with whatever! I eat them raw as toppings! Why do others only eat the green? I eat it all!!!

    They are healthy! And cheaper than a bag of onions! 🤪

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  2. Sometimes groundhogs, or marmots come along and eat the shoots… annoying, so they never fully form. But I will give it a try. Got tomatoes and mint and basil too. 🙂

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  3. That all sounds fantastic! I’m going to give a go at growing stuff soon! In my windows and on the breakfast bar/nook, dining room table, corners of rooms, ceilings. Start with the easy stuff. Maybe a cactus too.

    Definitely want some herbs growing. I miss having a balcony or a porch so will have to make do with indoor growing. Do get a lot of light!

    Good luck not having the scallions gobbled up!


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