Struts and Shocks (poem)

I’m struts and shocks / your heart tied in knots / his equinox / if I’m there or not \ 
Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.


He said I had some seconds left in my tires, I said, well, what does that mean?

He said, “they ain’t got any life left”

I said, well, how much is that gonna cost me?

(You know, everything)

They took good care of her, cleaned up my brakes – got off the rusty business. I’m uninstalling the step up bars next stop, getting the spark plugs and tires replaced.

Eventually, the shocks and struts.

Could I sell her for the pretty penny CarMax offered me? Sure. I could sell or trade her in for a “younger model”.

But it’s Valentines, we’ve been together since 10K miles, I’m not ghosting her or leaving her in this hellhole (please God, we want out)

You seen Thelma and Louise? We’re together til the end. Potentially.

Hopefully not such a dramatic ending but I daydream of it.

Fantasize about ending my life.

Don’t want her to be a casualty of war driving off a cliff

Apparently when you take your ride into the shop, if you say things like “she’s a good girl”, “she just hit 76k”, “she’s making squeaky noises”, – they will assign more value to your ride, as my technician was still tweaking her, even after he drove her around to the front, he was on the ground, tool in hand.

I said, “can we get rid of that thang” and honestly, it wasn’t even installed correctly (so Pep Boys will be removing my step-up underbar next visit, no charge).

Struts are likely third in line for install – but poem written anyway.

I was like “can the rust be cleaned next visit” not realizing he already took care of that – as they were spic and span heading to the car (it’s an SUV)

Maybe, today instead of coming to work, and hating your job, you appreciate and value it instead, happy customer means more business – and not because you did something shady – but now you can relax knowing hooker income is incoming

Simply for doing your job and being proactive

He went above and beyond – or did his job – to the BEST of his ability – instead of quietly quitting

But there was no tip jar

There was no option to tip

I hope to hell God let’s me escape here

It’s good to have goals in hell

Some of the savings was depleted but that’s what the savings is for…


That’s why there’s 4 different saving pots to pull from.

I’ve decided I’m heading to GameStop to sell the ps4. Whatever the offer is – give it fucking to me.

I gotta replenish the gold at the end of the rainbow

I ain’t even got a TV

And even when I did, the sucker stayed turned off six months

That fucking propaganda box cost me everything

I haven’t renewed my lease so

Turned in all my library books – not wasting any more miles driving to that gorgeous dump

The sun was burning me through the window and I was asking/praying was I “doing the right thing”

“Should I be here, replacing my drive train belt”

I feel like I gotta escape a black hole…

Tires and spark plugs next

If God will may…

Make way for the Great Escape

To where?

A fucking homeless shelter cuz have you seen the price of lodging these days!?!?

$2k per month for extended stay

Or $2k for an acre of land and free sunshine

Fuck you

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