Here, here are all the pieces I've donated them to you For you to assemble and mend I've signed all official forms & releases Your package will soon be in view It's stamped and addressed to you my friend Hopefully you can teach me what peace is My heart is now yours to attend to … Continue reading Pieces

Sad Empty Pathetic Lives

a private poem from my vault to share for April Poetry Month (raw & untouched freestyle)

Ingredients for Ruin

How to kill a heart (a poem; not an actual recipe- or is it? 🤔)

Transfer Request Pending

Hey dudes, no worries, hitching a ride to Mars soon... I HOPE (a poem about that)

Emotional Cargo

We are all carrying such heavy loads. A poem about that.


A poem about rejection



RSVP Declined

A poem about cancelled friendships

Cross Your Mind

Sometimes he thinks of me... (a poem)


I would never take the spotlight from you I will follow your shadow, I already do If you fall behind, I'll a clear path to get through No obstructions shall impede your view In your honor, I'd erect a statue That's probably something you already knew A shadow always exposes what's true Just look how … Continue reading Shadows

Seek Me, See Me Not

What you want is right before your eyes...

If These Were Last Moments

A poem about invitations & cancellations that get you nowhere but CONFUSED & DISAPPOINTED.

Tight Ropes

Nothing excites me more than you...

Fields of Gratitude

Dark hair brown-eyed boy get to know me There are fields of gratitude to plow The crown of my joy and topic of every story With you anything I'll allow © Delia Ross. 2019

No title

The world sleeps It passes noise for confusion Sleep for delusion Death it still creeps © Delia Ross. 2019

Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)

In these pages he's alive In these words we do survive In these moments nothing but time Memories without a hard drive We get by, we drive, we fly No suffering when amongst a friend But these words won't bring him back again No these words won't bring him back again The days on pages … Continue reading Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)

No Pretense

I guess you get 100% transparency with me.

Love and Liquor

Tossing out all these dead flowers Wondering how I lost so many hours All my fears his soul devours I wish I had her superpowers Bonded to insomniac dreams Getting further lost in the crowd it seems No matter where he moves light beams Time is borrowed and never redeems A number to him and … Continue reading Love and Liquor

Going offline to unwind My mind is muddy And should be quarantined I'm confused and falling a bit behind I'd appreciate if you'd slow your grind I've already got you off my mind When I return I'll be a bit more refined © Delia Ross. 2019


A poem for Valentine's Day

If I Had Any Say

If I had any say you would be king You already rule over everything I would take a holiday at his feet I've actually felt his heart beat He makes it hard to get back in the swing His love is the best retreat Any words that he may sing Can be heard on any … Continue reading If I Had Any Say

Last Rites

A poem about love & loss & loving again. Love hurts...