What Is It?

It is not a cage to watch you age
It is not a light seeking a stage
It is not a debt taking all of your wage
It is not a trap set for making you rage
It is not a war for you to engage
It is not a weight to see if you strain
It is not blood meant for your written page
It is not a finger set forth to only lay blame
It is not a fang sinking deep into your vein
It is not a hand here to inflict you more pain
It is not punishment tied to a chain
It is not a debt that can never be paid
It will still exist even if you never feel the same

It is here as silk for your fears
It remains as satin for all of your tears
It is softly spoken between the ears
It erases all pain from previous years
It will fill your day with silence and cheers
And  like any motion there are different gears
But with every step more of the doubt clears
And just like my love it never disappears

© Delia Ross. 2019

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