Traces of places by PoeEternal

Sometimes come around now & then
It’s hard to forget all the places that I’ve been
I’d rather face the crowd than live a life of pretends
Living an honest life are the roads few transcends
And we both know those aren’t the type of parties he attends
There’s plenty evil in the world for people to defend
And this is where our story must come to an end
But in the future please pick better friends

photo & poem by @PoeEternal


His words will always belie his truth
Underneath the charm a body uncouth
Notice how he’s always feeding on the youth?
Always with his nose sniffing like a sleuth
If you knew his heart you’d find he has no ruth

© Delia Ross. 2018

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Why we stress on the ones who will never take us notice
Adjusting our sights, but never finding focus
A socialogical wasteland where most are adulterous
Demoralizing women & society knows this
You think because you’re clean it doesn’t make you an accomplice
Watching others bleed while you eat is atrocious


© Delia Ross. 2018

@PoeEternal / PoetryforPeople

Love ISN’T Real

Crossed the desert with the hand of a devil
Swore down the road I’d find something better
Pretended to lead when I wasn’t able
He knew we’d never be on the same level
Scolded me and gave me a deferral
4 years later we had to uncouple
For a moment I was lost in a fable
Said love is an illusion, not actual

© Delia Ross. 2018


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Love hath abandoned all

Ahh but who doth not judge the outer appurtenance which is full of flaw? I too shall like to see beyond the hollow scar. Frail and meek, I seek to find comfort in man which bringeth me none not. Love hath abandoned all but my shadow. Until I am merely dust in the wind. I dare not you understand. 

© Delia Ross and Poe Eternal, 2017.

The Tale and Trauma of Satine (Part 1)

Satine was born in the dark ages, a very long time ago in the township of “Blackwood” whereto her mother had lived and died.
Unbeknownst of her parents, her mother died during childbirth of Satine. Her mother had been bitten by a vampire while Satine was still in the wound.
Satine never knew of her mother and father, and was abandoned as a child, for the people feared her or what she may become. She was sent away to live in the Carpathian Mountains far away.
There she became skilled amongst her powers, training in martial arts, strategic war tactics, and healing.

A thing of abandonment seeped fear in her heart.
Presumably, her vampiric father watched over her, for Satine had dreams and visions that would abound her. Did he want her dead? Was he in attendance to help her, psychologically?
During her training, she met a Prince by the name of Vladimir. He would teach her many things, among philosophy and majik. Vlad seemed notable of the people, high in court. Yet feared among many.

This brought desire in Satine to return to her home village, learn of its people, of her mother’s grave (hidden behind the church), and seek out her father. Upon her arrival, she found the people in disarray. Panic reigned there. Blood towered the streets. Trusty no one was.

Part human, part vampire, part light, part dark, Satine may prove to be the savior of her village.
Satine seeks love, part of her human condition. She may be vilified by its admission.
She grows week with apathy, blood-lust, and a demoniac affiliation.

She sleeps beyond the church in her mother’s shallow grave.

“Remember, sometimes you need the dark to battle the dark. So do not discourage those who suffer from its apathy.” – Satine

©Delia Ross, 2011