Love hath abandoned all

Ahh but who doth not judge the outer appurtenance which is full of flaw? I too shall like to see beyond the hollow scar. Frail and meek, I seek to find comfort in man which bringeth me none not. Love hath abandoned all but my shadow. Until I am merely dust in the wind. I dare not you understand. 

© Delia Ross and Poe Eternal, 2017.

12 thoughts on “Love hath abandoned all

  1. Delia, Mark has ditched the one right after you and done it again. He’s gone back to Lydia Robinvale, the dominatrix he was with years ago, and is talking about marrying her and they haven’t even seen each other in 6 years. He’s up to his old tricks.

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      • I’m sorry you have been mistreated Delia. Women should be heard and respected when they speak out against abuse. His actions speak for themselves and anyone who has suffered an emotionally abusive relationship knows exactly what you describe. I will never support his music again and have alerted several other friends/fans and we were all horrified. Female fans should clearly take great precaution in engaging with him online as it’s likely the only way he can attract women. It’s one thing to be a fart sniffer, another to be an asshole.

        You have supporters wishing you well from afar and hoping you heal as he is no longer your problem.

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  2. Beware of the narcissistic personalities, they feel no remorse no shame no guilt, they merely seek to gratify their own self-interest. Thankfully Karma is ever present and these twisted souls don’t even know that their self-interest is not their best interest. (Aren,t irony and karma beautiful)
    Him leaving was a blessing for you, you paid it forward and your next will return all that was given tenfold.
    Be ye a Unicorn.

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