Thoughts n’ Thangs

He laps her like a loyal dog chained by the guardian of hell, her purgatory – his territory

He kissed me and the Earth started to spin…

You could have just loved me the way that I deserved.

I shriveled up and died of unimportance, in case you hadn’t noticed…

Nothing I love ever makes it home.

Love. Love. What love?
It fits more like a tourniquet
I don’t want any part of it

My eyes met his eyes which awakened parts of my spirit unknowingly sleeping and even now my pulse dances anew…

He looked deeply into my eyes and said he wanted to make love to my sorrow –
So that the eyes looking back would look forward to tomorrow

She tied the anchor to my foot and pushed me off the plank while yelling, “at least you got some good poetry out of it…”

His smile made me whole. His love is a lighthouse in a dark galaxy.

© Delia Ross. 2019

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