I’ll Meet You Anywhere

I would take a bullet for him
He’s so much better than I am
I wish I could shoot him a telegram
Into the ocean I would swim

He’s the best thing that’s ever been
If he said jump I’d ask him when
To some this may seem obscene
But he is my favorite thing

His kiss would be my end
But I think his heart I could mend
This burning fire I can tend
Come closer let me be your friend

This offer will never expire
Some flames are meant to burn higher
I’ll meet you anywhere
I’d walk to Times Square
Don’t make life so unfair
Come on, I’ll meet you anywhere

I’d fly, I’d walk in the rain
I can drive or take the midnight train
I’d go to you anywhere
Can we meet at the town square
Darling please somewhere
Anywhere, I don’t care

Any weather
Come together
Any weather
Together we’re better
Any weather

© Delia Ross. 2019

#songwriting #poeeternal

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