Happy Friday

I’m stunned my blog is nearing 25K, it just hit 20K! APPRECIATION POST COMES WITH SMILES! THANK YOU ALL FOR READING MY POEMS!!!! Below lies a happy Poe, errr Delia.

peace, luvs, happiness

I may not be perfects
I’m worth about twenty cents currently…
Maybe a quarter if I count my pennies…. 🤓

13 thoughts on “Happy Friday

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  1. Thank you very much. It feels like an accomplishment tho I think many other blogs do way better than mine. I’m not as “social”. The pleasures of being a reclusive soldier… but I’m happy with the grass I have. ☺

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  2. You have the right viewpoint on blogging. I feel the same way, some are more popular, some are less popular than my blog. But, if what I write makes people happy, then I’m happy with the grass that I have, too. 🙂

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  3. I’ve never been socially “chatty” and I’ve always maintained a small circle of friends in my real life. Popularity has never been my thang really. But I appreciate my tribe and try and nurture it. I really don’t know what I would do without y’all. 🤓


  4. I don’t know if I’m happy with my current bank account but I’m happy with my tribe. But my quality of life is better than before when I was making 25 an hour. My struggle with worthiness stems from society’s brainwashing of what value really is and unfortunately most everyone is still plugged into the system and a sheeple. I can’t make other people see my worthiness. They still are attached to the Illuminati. Thanks for sticking around and letting me be part of your tribe. I prefer more intimate settings myself! I’m not into large crowds. ✌

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  5. I never stick around where I’ve felt destined to be at, at any given time, albeit because someone is in distress or simply because they have magnetic aura that pulls me to them spiritually speaking. And I’ve never found anyone worthless, including you. I further believe you have an outstanding
    comical side that for the most part you keep for deflection or misdirection depending on the situation before you.
    I here, whenever you wish to plug into me.

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  6. There are definitely worthless people that exist and my ex is one of them! I am very sarcastic by nature but I’ve also lived through a lot of dire situations and while I’m just a little 5’6” southern gal from the south, I always come off with a more hard exterior than I mean. I’m the type of person that has you laughing in any situation. I’m really the sweetest gal you could ever meet. Sweet and salty tho. LOL

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  7. Oh, I am definitely up for it, I’ll even put on my combat boots! Gotta fight the evils of the world! I would be a worthless angel after all. Equal love and hate. I cross all the lines.

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  8. LOL, At ease… Truthfully I would really ask you to perform such a thing even though the thought may cross my mind a time or two. Besides, I’m in the Northwest and she is still lost to me back east, or south, maybe even left the country by now. Keep you sass, its becoming of you.

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