Not Looking Back

You can come but I am going down
I’d rather not bring you to this part of town

You can follow but I must warn you so
Your condition is hollow and I have to go

You can spy and I wish you all the luck
However, I no longer give a fuck

You can cry and wish us all goodbye
But I know it’s just another crafted lie

You can idle and point your finger in blame
But I’m still out of worry all the same

You can get angry and cast a witch’s spell
But it doesn’t work for someone already living in hell

You can cry to God or even Lu
But even they don’t care about you

You can borrow or beg or change your fold
But you lost the most when you lost this gold

You can pretend and say that I never did matter
But here’s another problem you never did factor

I’m going going going gone
And I’m not even bothering to write a Dear John

© Delia Ross. 2019

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