Garden of Evil

Feed you little hope until he sticks the spear into reason
And any ‘we’ that could have been marched away with every season
Any love was filed away, stamped and marked by treason
Faltered steps and bleeding eyes kept us from ever sleeping
Secrets and lies forever keeping our tongues from ever speaking
Every corner turned I am facing another demon
This must be hell though the sign said Eden
And I just stumbled onto another demon feeding
And though falling down he knows I deserve the beating
Walls of denial and regret seems to be his region
Lessons go unlearned in a cycle of repeating
Clasped hands and bent knees will cost you your freedom
Prayers in hell only causes more bleeding
Lingering thoughts of doubt causes us more needing
Love turns to hate in this garden of evil
I am an angel of truth with a broken beacon
Trekking this journey so long I forgot I was leading
Washing my hands of blood and all of this dreaming
Erasing any trail of love now that I am leaving
Scattered about in memories you’ll find my broken pieces
For me, words have finally lost all of their meaning
The only remaining step is to mark this blog for deletion
A vow of silence henceforth to keep me from this prison

© Delia Ross. 2019

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