COVID vaccine update

She said that round 2 of the COVID vaccine can get nasty, people are reporting having to “strip their clothes off” in the bathroom when they have diarrhea.

And it has taken me roughly 3 days to recover from shot 1. My heart was like holy fuck – we ain’t even had a hug since 2019! WTF did you give me.

And just think, in only a few weeks I get to do this all again!

I’ll keep you posted- And I am not looking forward to my body overheating so badly that I will need to remove my clothing and everything on the inside “potentially” (it is a side effect of the vaccine though)

*laughs insanely*

So I’m getting ready to shop for some butt plugs.

I’m all in. 👀

People say something is wrong with me because I sometimes laugh when people die or when they fall down or when they shit themselves and like it’s just how I process the bad stuff.

I’ve been having random burst of laughter all morning since I woke up because I’m terrified of what’s to come and the only way I know how to make some fun out of it is to buy some really cool butt plugs (like a glass one with a tail) that I can use in some of my cosplay photography on OnlyFans.

When life throws you lemons- buy some butt plugs.

That’s the lesson I’m learning here.

*laughs insanely*

Can’t. Breathe.

I finally got a good laugh in this pandemic, my gut is hurting.

My ass may soon be hurting too.

Just keeping it real…

Nicely put but the reality for some is “ripping your clothes off” in a meltdown because you can’t have any “fabric touching your skin”


I’m gonna pee myself

If you’ve never had to violently remove your clothing while taking a shit then you don’t know struggle.

OK I think my neighbors might’ve heard that laugh

Information from the CDC about the potential side effects:

The CDC do say the second shot is worse…

Drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing (and buy a butt plug)

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